How is Marie described by her colleagues from the Opavia and Danone Group company, year 2008

Her expertise:
"She has good analytical skills, she knows how to get the essence of a problem."
"She is an expert in a special field, she has an amazing insight and profundity."
"She is able negotiate with other organisations and European institutions at a high-level."
"She can switch from Czech to French and English."

Her managerial skills:
"She is able to back up her team, never takes somebody down in public."
"She is always ready and well informed."
"She has fantastic organisational skills, she is able to plan everything."
"Takes into account the personal level of a man and adjusts the working conditions if necessary."
"She has an individual approach to everyone and that produces results. "
"She is able to go after her goals and that's why she stayed in her position for a long time."
"She can be a go-getter in her own way and she is not be meddled with."
"She is able carry her point, sometimes she goes against everyone and achieves what's necessary. "
"She is a woman of action."
"She doesn't need to be pushed into things - she knows her own value."

Her personality:
"She is sociable and communicative."
"She professes a respectful fair-play. "
"She is very modest."
"She is open."
"She copes with distant travelling without any problem. "
"She is human, asks people questions and she can make a compliment."
"Great self-discipline, desire to go forward and tensile force is characteristic for her, she likes being ahead."
"She is energetic and ambitious. "
"She is flexible, has improvisational skills and she is able to respond promptly."
"She has a quick reaction in her judgment."
"She thinks that everything can be handled."
"Her job is her hobby."
"She has a great life optimism."
"She sees everything in a positive way and she approaches people likewise - openly and optimistically."

Reference from Dr. G. A. K.Thompson, Groupe Danone

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I have worked with Marie since 1999 on matters relating to Quality Management, Food Safety,Regulatory Affairs and Crisis Management.This has involved me in spending a considerable amount of time with Marie both in meetings but also in dealing with specific issues in the factories in the Czech Rep., Poland and Hungary for which she was responsible.

Marie has a very high level of technical knowledge in the field of food technology and she uses this to excellent effect in the way in which she devises and implements systems of Quality Management across the countries in Eastern Europe.

In addition Marie was a key member of the Biscuit Division Quality Committee within Danone and played a major part in setting the medium and long term Quality & Food Safety strategy for the division.

As a part of her Quality Management responsibilities Marie was also in charge of coordinating Crisis Management for Eastern Europe.This function was always carried out in a responsible and totally reliable way ensuring that both the safety of consumers and the reputation of the company was always given absolute priority.

Marie also represented Danone on Expert Groups in the European Food and Drink Industry Association (CIAA) in Brussels in an extremely effective way.

In all of my dealings with Marie I found her totally dependable and someone on whom I could always rely to make sound management decisions and the correct judgement on complex technical issues.I can therefore fully recommend her to any prospective future employer.

Dr. G. A. K.Thompson
Corporate Scientifc & Regulatory Affairs Director
Groupe Danone
17, boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

Reference from Patrick O'Quin

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I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Marie Štíchová for several years and under different conditions.

The biggest qualities of Marie are competency, reliability, devotion and willingness. During 10 years of our cooperation her qualities were never doubted.

Our mutual activities related to various areas: relations with consumers, legal regulations, public affairs, crisis management. Marie did an excellent job in all of these areas.

Among others I would like to highlight the fact that in various areas and projects which we worked on together, Marie was able to implement such processes and utilize such experiences that were innovative, thorough and efficient at the same time.

For that reason we entrusted Marie - as often as possible - with such responsibility that did not concern only the OPAVIA company but which had an impact on a national level or in the whole region and thereby also other teams within the Group could prosper from her experiences.

In conclusion I would like to state that on every occasion or in every contact of ours I had to appreciate her professionalism and her qualities, both human and work-related.

Patrick O'QUIN
Directeur Général
Corporate External Relations
Groupe Danone
17, boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

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